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Can't you see we're in a hurry?! Their wiki. A maniac! I didn't notice it until a few years ago. Sasha fart video attack on titan quotes.

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#The funny moments of Attack on Titan Abridged by Team Four Star. As in everything. Sasha: Yeah I'm just eating a potato. Shardis: Oh. Potatoes, huh? You, uh. #In contrast to what the other pages might imply, there are indeed some laughs to be found in the universe of Attack On Titan. Warning: Spoilers Off applies . #Mar 2, Attack On Titan hs taken the world by storm, and these 19 hilarious to have some fun with Sasha and replaced a titan in this screenshot with. #Bonus: Lol I love Sasha's character (*^▽^*) Funny Sasha Art. Author's Avatar.: white_square_button::diamonds: Into Attack On Titan? Join the community.

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