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So we are going to try to make that happen. Since then our approach has been to adapt, educate, and enforce this law fairly and consistently across the island on National Nude Long beach ny island property. Originally Posted by nancy thereader. Or go to the Site Map. It was sunset so it was truly beautiful. Between communities there is virtually no problems with nudity.

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#Thanks to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, Fire Island's famously nude-friendly Lighthouse Beach will not be so nude-friendly. #New Yorkers who want to be naked at the beach this summer might want to for gay people years ago, when there was less tolerance in New York City. On Fire Island in New York, where nudity has long been tolerated. #Nudity has actually long been welcomed at beaches throughout the Tri-State area, thanks in part to Fire Island's relaxed stance on beach wear. #Reviews on Nudist Beach in Long Island, NY - Robert Moses State Park.

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In NY, the only arguably clothing-optional beach that I know of is near the Fire Island Pines; which is one of the LGBT-friendly sections of Fire.
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