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Instead of using their resources to support trafficking survivors directly or preventing trafficking, NGOs like Polaris—a massive anti-trafficking industry organization—and evangelical groups like workers the Sex us in Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking use a lot of their resources to help increase criminalization of sex workers and trafficking victims. This is where Little works, and it's where she was working last year when she chronicled her life for Refinery Between scoring your own laptop and browsing the most perfect shower. The project has evolved in its focus workers the Sex us in scope concomitant with our investigations and engagement with key actors, including sex workers, AIDS advocacy and service organizations, people of color and criminal justice organizations, LGBT and trans-specific advocates and public health and legal researchers and advocates. Some MPs have called for a ban on sex work advertising online. Sex work is not one of those issues and feminists continue to be divided.

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#As the only US organization meeting the needs of both sex workers and trafficking victims, the Sex Workers Project serves a marginalized community that few. #Apr 23, With the news that New York state intends to bring in a bill to decriminalize sex work, prostitution in the United States is back in the headlines. #Aug 2, Sex workers face stigma and prosecution in the US and around the world. As Molly Smith and Juno Mac write in their book Revolting. #May 11, This bill was supposed to fight sex trafficking. But it's driving women back to a riskier, pre-internet world of sex work.

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Who are sex workers, and why do the Open Society Foundations support their struggle for rights?.
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