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Still, sex stories have grown, and they thrive. For example, The entire last year of original postings of stories by 'deirdre,' my favorite among the 'old' writers, is missing from Google Groups. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as uploading and releasing the files -- we have to check them against files already archived, as archive Alt moderated sex stories as files already in the processing queue. For now at least anti-spam munging of addresses is allowed. The archive grew archive Alt moderated sex stories percent inand as of our last update, has 5, files, totalling megabytes. October 28, It can be used as an index of total interest in newsgroup sex-stories.

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#In early a moderated version of fecundity.infos of the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive (gay). #Search archived web sites. Advanced Search. GO. share Share 7, K. Usenet groups within from Jan 23, 01/ data. #Alphabetic shortcuts: alt.a*; fecundity.infoes*;*;*; fecundity.infocs* alt. fecundity.infoted (FTP) Kevin Lincoln Flynn is alleged to keep WWW archives of his stories, but I have yet to succeed at entering his site. stories. #Since januari this archive is not maintained/updated. Faqs by Newsgroup. Newsgroup: fecundity.infoted. Go up to: fecundity.infos.

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Dec 1, One of the most popular is fecundity.infos, where people post stories about sex, and fecundity.infoted (a newsgroup that seems to be moderated by a Both of these can be found at the various shareware archives.
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